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Valuing Sustainable Transport

All infrastructure investments generate benefits and costs, which is why it is crucial to identify, quantify, and analyze all impacts surrounding a project. IISD developed the Sustainable Asset Valuation (SAVi) method to do just that, helping investors, planners, and policy-makers make informed decisions about sustainable transportation investments. Join us for this webinar series on valuing sustainable transport with SAVi.
Webinar November 21, 2023

Production Gap Report 2023 Launch Event

Join the launch of the 2023 Production Gap Report for an exclusive first look at this year’s key findings with the lead authors and climate experts.
Webinar November 8, 2023

IGF 19th Annual General Meeting

This event will focus on sharing mining benefits in the energy transition. It will be held on November 7–9, 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland.
Conference November 7, 2023